This page is dedicated to list of necessary links of the activities of what Wiki and his teams focus on.

We believe that whatever we produce must look like it's effortless, but the process is what we are different. Here are some evidences.

Founded in 2004. Photography & cinematography studio based in Sydney, Australia.

Founded in 2011. Now it's based in the BIG house, Jakarta. Wedding Film Specialists.

Located in prestigious CBD area in Jakarta. It's designed to serve several brands from the customer care to the post-production

People working behind the scenes inside the BIG house.

Known as WSP, Education community created by Wiki Lee to encourage wedding creatives/storytellers to work for "I want a marriage more beautiful than my wedding".

terms used to combine wedding photography and videography without the needs of deploying two teams to do that.

the BIG house creates a special loyalty membership program that provides a special rate/promotion for people who wish to have the house' residents on their wedding day.

Wiki Lee and his team uses mobile apps (IOS/Android platform) to share their information.

refers to the wedding creatives who reside in the BIG house

A campaign run at the social media is initiated by Wiki Lee to encourage the wedding videographers to be able to convince couples to see that wedding video can also deliver powerful message

Slideshow is the best way to set the right mood when seeing with the art of still frames.

The annual campaign run by the BIG films to promote the powerful message in wedding videography

We believe that every wedding must have an unique message. By wedding film way, we believe that we can deliver a wedding video to be watchable over and over in the future.